Для дверного и оборачивающего профиля.

Ширина: 1420 мм.

Длина: 250 м.

Толщина: Деревянные конструкции 0,18 мм.

С грунтовкой и без грунтовки.

Ширина: 1420 мм.

Длина: 250 м.

Толщина: Деревянные узоры 0,18 мм – Сплошные цвета: 0,20 мм для дверей.

General information about our PVC Foil

APPLICATION PLACES: MDF Interior doors are used on surfaces, cases, and borders, steel door surfaces, ABS & Mdf and Pvc surface and profile coatings, Baseboard coatings, Sheet and PU foam coatings,

SURFACES: Matte wood patterns and plain color folio patterns and shapes with different shapes are available. All of the bright colors and patterns have protection film and primer application on the backside. Important Information: The product recommended for vacuum presses is “Primerli” Folies. It is recommended to use non-primed products in the case of mechanical presses, flat lamination, and profile wrapping machines.

PACKAGING: All products are wrapped with insulation membrane coating. In order to protect from the collapses taken from the upper and lower parts during transportation, the product is not shipped without this application. The pallets are covered with the same foam insulation membrane and additional protection is provided by a stretch. The panel is tightly protected against impact and overturning. Each product is sold in wrapped cardboard.

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