Wrapping Foil

PVC Wrapping Foil are a very preferred product because they do not need any other material to stick to a surface. PVC foil manufacturers are usually used to produce these foils for use in areas such as exterior cladding, vehicle coverage, interior design. You can use water-resistant and moisture resistant PVC foil that keeps places clean in many areas of life.

Pvc Membran foil production is applied by silicon that is leveled evenly and then subjected to high temperatures and high pressure.

Pvc Membrane Foil Manufacturer

Compared to previous years, the prices have become more economical and production has become easier than before, that’s why we see these products in many places. This product does not require special maintenance and it is practical to use and easy to install by manufacturers of plastic foils. Because the product is resistant to water, heat or fire, PVC manufacturers receive the most positive feedback from customers using these materials. As the technology evolves, these products are further developed in the manufacturing stages, making them more efficient.

ANKA DECOR brand as a producer of PVC Wrapping Foil has always received good feedback from our customers because of the long-term usage of the products and they being reasonably priced according to their high quality. Our products and equipment that adapt to advanced and variable technology are processed and operated very carefully to provide better service to our customers.

ANKA DECOR is the preferred brand among pvc foil manufacturer, but it is not only a trademark, but at the same time it uses its own materials to produce its own products, which leads to zero problems or complaints because the process from the beginning to the end is under the supervision of the company.

  • Products of ANKA DECOR are easy to clean and very healthy and are free of any dust or bacteria.
  • We always want the changes we make in our homes to stay long and that we face no problem with them later.
  • In addition to having these advantages, these products facilitate your cleaning work and are in terms of price-for-quality very excellent, and they are great to save money.

ANKA DECOR products are not only economical but also environmentally friendly and protect the nature.

So far for the Ministry of Health’s standards for health-damaging substances, ANKA DECOR  or products made of PVC foils have proven to contain no toxic or health-damaging substances, and the highest accuracy is taken while producing all the products.

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