Pvc Door Foils

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Pvc Door Foils

General information about our PVC foil:

APPLICATION PLACES: MDF Interior doors are used on surface, case and borders, steel door surfaces, ABS & Mdf and Pvc surface and profile coatings, Baseboard coatings, Sheet and PU foam coatings,

PVC FOIL SURFACES: Matte wood patterns and plain color folio patterns and shapes with different shapes are available. All of the bright colors and patterns have protection film and primer application on the backside. Important Information: The product recommended for vacuum presses is “Primerli” folies. It is recommended to use non-primed products in the case of mechanical presses, flat lamination and profile wrapping machines.

PACKAGING: All products are wrapped with insulation membrane coating. In order to protect from the collapses taken from the upper and lower parts during transportation, the product is not shipped without this application. The pallets are covered with the same foam insulation membrane and additional protection is provided by stretch. The panel is tightly protected against impact and overturning. Each product is sold in wrapped cardboard.

  • What is Pvc Foil?

    PVC foil; is an adhesive material used in different manufacturing sectors. PVC foils, which are specially designed for different applications such as advertisement, promotion, decoration, and door covering, are also known as adhesive foils.

  • What are the properties of PVC Door Foil?
    • The main component of PVC film is plastic and when other components are added to increa set herates of heat resistance, toughness, and so on.
    • The top layer of the surface mask is lacquer.
    • The main material in the middle is PVC and the bottom is coated with ad hesive.
    • PVC is one of the most popular and widely used synthetic materials in the world.
    • It is the second of various synthetic materials when considered in terms of its global use.
    • So PVC film has the features of rain protection,
    • Fire prof and sound poof insulation,
    • non-toxic,
    • tasteless,
    • durable,
    • easyforming
    • anti-static.
    • Harmless
  • What is PVC Film Made Of?

    PVC film is a kind of polymer material born since the development of plastics. And as a polymer, this PVC film is light weight, transparent, easy to use, a long with the thin thickness and other features, also known as PVC transparent film.

  • What are the prices of PVC door foil?

    As PVC door foil manufacturer and supplier Anka Decor, we are proud of our superior success in producing quality che aply. Compared to the PVC door foil price in the market, we provide people with a nice atmosphere with out forcing people’s budget by producing more suitable and quality products. PVC membrane foil is very easy to clean. PVC film is easy to clean and then we can see that PVC material is a great advantage forcleaning compared to ordinary wood. Just contact us to learn PVC door foil prices.

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